When Sevan first saw Sarai on MTV, he says that he had the strangest feeling that he was going to work with her someday. "It was just this deep intuition that me and her were going to cross paths and create music together" However, it wasn't destined to be until nearly a decade later, in 2012. Sevan was reading an article about the top influential female rappers and Sarai was on the list. After seeing her name, it reminded him of that moment, so he tracked her down on the internet. They emailed each other back and forth getting to know each other. Sevan was curious why she stopped making music. They shared their stories and were able to relate to each other, as they both had a brush with fame that catapulted them to success very quickly, and similarly  both experienced a career crash due to record label politics and mismanagement. Through their conversations, they inspired each other to get back into creating their own music.

In 2013, Sevan had a meeting set up with entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk in New York. As fate would have it, in the huge city of New York, VaynerMedia happened to be on the exact same block as DeeTown Studios. So Sevan swung by to meet Sarai in person. They instantly clicked and decided to join forces to create music together under the name Soul Fam. However, this time they weren't doing it for the fame. They didn't have record labels breathing down their backs to create music that wasn't true for them.

Sevan told Sarai "Let's forget the fame. The likes. The popularity. etc.....Let's just create music out of love.... and for ourselves"  And the rest is history. They dusted their microphones off and their dormant passions became resurrected. They both joined forces from a place of pure creativity, and the process has been healing and inspiring for both music artists. They now travel around the USA and the world working with the youth, facilitating writing and music workshops, while still working on their own songs.

 Their first single "Live In the Light" was written and recorded in two different states and filmed in Times Square. The single cracked into the Top 10 on the ReverbNation music charts, out of over 4 million music artists. The music video was also played in every major mall in the United States.

In 2015, Soul Fam was a finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, selected by judges The Black Eyed Peas, The Red Hot Chill Peppers, 311, and George Clinton.

Soul Fam was also selected as a finalist in the International Songwriting Contest where over 18,000 artists submitted.  Judges included: Sarah McLachlan, Natasha Beddingfield, RUN D.M.C, and the CEOs of Warner Brothers, Atlantic Records, Virgin Records and, SONY.

Soul Fam's second single "H.E.A.R.T" was an international effort that features video submissions from all around the world. It was featured on The Talk Around Town Show sponsored by Best Buy and is receiving international distribution.

Two music artists who were destined to unite.

Sevan and Sarai both make up the conscious hiphop group Soul Fam.

Their individual journeys in the music industry began over a decade ago.

Here are their stories:


Sarai was the first white female rapper to ever be represented by a major record label (Epic Records). She is best known for her hit single "Ladies" which cracked into the Billboard Top 40. Since then, she's been working for DeeTown Studios, songwriting, singing, and producing for TV shows and movies such as: Melrose Place, Bones, MTV's Cribs, Pimp My Ride, My Super Sweet 16, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Fantastic Four, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, American Pie, Meet the Spartans, Little Fockers, Big Mommas and Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls.  Sarai also acted alongside Paris Hilton in the National Lampsoon series.

Sevan, also known as Apollo, has been featured on MTV's True Life, ABC's Glass House, ABC's 20/20, Fox News, PBS, VIBE Magazine, The Sway & Tech Wakeup Show, & NPR. He has performed at the Billboard Hiphop Awards, Madison Square Garden, and was the opening act for Pitbull and the Pussycat Dolls. Sevan rose to fame after winning the Source's Unsigned Hype Battle in front of 15,000 people during the And1 Tour.